Tuesday, December 21, 2010

My gift to you, out of guilt for not posting here for months...

Hey, so usually I make it available for you to locate the link to the archives. Links shminks, I say. I'm gonna make up my antisocial nature for these last few months (Hey, I got a job- I'M NOT A MACHINE, YOU KNOW!!). I'mma give you some actual Radio Ninja mp3's so you can sync 'em to your ipod and it'll be like when Pinocchio became a real boy. Stay tuned. Its all happening THURSDAY.

Also happening Thursday:
Being that the schoolies have fled MIT to be with their mommies, I will be subbing for some WMBR comrades Thursday from 7-10PM. It should be fun. The first hour's regularly scheduled program is usually female vocalist-style ... um... indie or something. I'll give downtempo a girly flair for that hour with lots of Lamb, Ladytron and maybe some Peaches (if the FCC allows). The last two hours is one of my favorite shows that's not mine: Non-stop Ecstatic Screaming (or what I like to call "NES" because it makes me think of a Nintendo from the 80's). This show is considered "free form", so I'm gonna dig up some glitch, cinematica and anything just a little too weird for Radio Ninja.

Friday, October 29, 2010

Awesome Ninja Tune XXtravaganza Post-party show archive/playlist links:

Hey, so that NYC show was great, considering the circumstances. NYPD had been tracking drug shipments in and out of the original venue of Santos Party House in Manhattan for MONTHS. What night do they decide to shut it down? You guessed it- the same night Ninja Tune was going to throw its 20th anniversary party. I've been calling it the "XXtravaganza". I heard this story from the mouth of Eskmo himself, but you can read about it here.

The venue was tactfully moved to a nearby location that was only a block or two away, didn't have a music lineup (I guess??) that night... the sound was HORRIBLE, but the incredibly talented DJs and producers that we love to see live pulled it off with as much skill as ever. Logistically, the crew couldn't let people in before the got everything set up. (NYPD waited until 45 minutes before the show to shut down Santos, the BASTARDS!!)

When I spoke to Eskmo, I didn't know he was in Allston the night before, so I was frustrated to have missed that. Ninja People of the Greater Boston Area: ITS COOL TO CHIME IN AND ASK IF I'M GOING TO A SHOW. I'm a flake when it comes to less obvious tour dates. How are you supposed to react when you're told by your new favorite producer that you missed his set while standing in line to get in? I think I handled it well... sort of.

Hey, so here's the playlist to tonight's show. I missed a "Matthew Dear" track in there, somewhere... I'll have to listen to the show and go back and edit it...

Tune in to the archives to listen to the show. I highly recommend it.

Radio Ninja ON AIR 8-10, tonight...

Tune in! wmbr.org
Follow along! track-blaster.com

Friday, October 8, 2010

Tune in TONIGHT!

Hey, I'm on the air in an hour so TUNE IN at wmbr.org from 8PM to 10PM, or at your leisure from the archives page! Sweet new tunes I'm digging for. ooh, yeah.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

WMBR changes its schedule three times a year...

Radio Ninja's new home is at 8-10PM on Friday nights! Movin' on up. If it gets to Saturday and you realized you missed it, you can always tune in at your leisure in the archives.

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Amon Tobin's "Esther's" + Charles De Meyer =...

Okay, I should add that Amon Tobin's track from the 2007 release of Foley Room caught the ear of one amazing short film producer, Charles De Meyer, an up-and-coming Belgian director, who first met Amon Tobin in 2007 just after the release of his Foley Room album, and proposed his idea for a short film for the song. Think invasion of the robots with a romantic twist. Amon was tremendously impressed, and came on board to helm the sound design. Amontobin.com has giveaways and a brand new release to mark the occasion (did someone say 'picture disc vinyl'?).

The XXtravaganza will not be televised.

And, finally... ...the moment we've all been waiting for:

Ninja Tune's twentieth anniversary boxed set is set to release in a few short days. An advanced copy of the sampler came in through messenger pigeon!!

So, lots of the music we get at the radio station comes to us from record distributors that distribute from a variety of music labels. Some of these distributors put their own review on the CD case. For Ninja Tune's "XX" sampler, we get this:

"Twenty years! Twenty fu*king years!? That's a long time for anything, but for an independent record label its aeons. So yes, we are going to make a fuss. Yes, we are going to celebrate. But this will not be a tired cash-in a festival of re-tread or an orgy of old. NO! We are focusing on new material. new newness. In your hands is a sampler of carefully selected tracks from the 6 CD box set featuring music from Anti-pop Consortium, the Bug, Roots Manuva, Two Fingers, Spank Rock and more, as well as remixes from Diplo, Micachu, Four Tet, Flying Lotus, and more."

'nuff said.

Check out the d3tails about the box set at ninjatune.net as well as tour dates for all the parties they're throwing down across the globe. I'm going to NYC for this one. With Amon Tobin headlining, its pretty likely that I'll be enjoying myself.

Hey, I found their little commercial for the boxed set on youtube:

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Radio Ninja's on Autopilot this week :-/

\m/O\m/<= listen to it NAO!!

So, I just made yer mix for you. All you gotta do is tune in at 1PM to wmbr.org or 88.1FM near Boston. This week features a new release on the MUSH label. I'm loving this new guy "Loden". He's got click buzz fizz cinematica and trip hoppy beats. I hope you like it because I played about five tracks off that new album:

artist: Loden
album: Buggy
label: Mush

ALL NEWLY RELEASED TRACKS in this set! I'm a winner.
Check the playlist out on trackblaster

I also dig that new Uffie track that sounds like Lou Reed's "Rock and Roll"...and the Ratatat, of course. Aw, hell- its all good.


Saturday, September 4, 2010

Radio Ninja *REMINDER* TUNE IN @1PM!

Currently crate digging... Today's show is gonna be great.

1-2PM at WMBR.org

Hope to see you there!


Monday, August 30, 2010

Playlist for that show I covered for Magogo is here.

In the past, Magogo had "The Down Slow Show" which begat its more midtempo and upbeat "The Show Show", its current alias. I tried to pay reverence to the Down Slow Shows of the past and Show Shows of the present day. Aside from its cute name, it also has catchy beats which compliment the Radio Ninja style quite well. I'm on his call list for when he needs his show covered and vice / versa.

My cohost for this substitute team on the Show Show is none other than Tim Gilman, a new member of the WMBR team but not new to radio DJing, so he was able to get in some practice on our sound board and get hear his voice on the speakers. All in all, a good time. THANKS, TIM! Keep an ear out for his voice on the upcoming WMBR schedule, which should be out this coming September.

Listen to that special two hours of Radio Ninja / Show Show / Tim Gilman's debut on 'MBR HERE.


Saturday, August 7, 2010

Czech out my new TECHNOLOGY!



link to the archives

Also, I covered for a friend, Magogo from 8PM to 10PM, Saturday as well. His show is a little more upbeat, so I tried to stay true to what he would be spinning. You can check out that bonus two hour show here in the archives and observe the playlist here.

Saturday, July 31, 2010

LINK: Today's show 7/31/10 Lots of EnRGee!


I'll be back to post the playlist for the ninja heads out there...

Thanks for listening!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Playlist and link for Saturday, July 24


^^there it be.

Verrrrry sleepy set. Did I mention I got an hour of sleep Friday night? I guess this was an exercise in reflecting my mood through music.
-__- zzzzz....
o__- ....thirty seconds left on that track; I better change it...
-__- ...zzzz
I didn't talk too much. Heh.

Tracks are listed as such:
Artist / Track Name / Release Name / Label

1. Boards of Canada / Dayvan Cowboy / Campfire Headphase / Warp
2. Dosh / Bury the Ghost / Wolves and Wishes / Anticon
(that went out by request to Dan at Broadway Bikes!)
5. GRASSCUT / THE TIN MAN / 1 inch - 1/2 mi. / NINJA TUNE
7. Sixtoo / Boxcutter Emporium Part 1 / Chewing on Glass / Ninja Tune
9. Cut Chemist / A Peak in Time / Audience's Listening / Warner Bros.
11. Odd Nosdam / Untitled One / Burner / Anticon
12. Bonobo / Pick Up / Dial M For Monkey / Ninja Tune
13. Amon Tobin / Bloodstone / Foley Room / Ninja Tune
14. ...that Dabrye track I always talk over...

...that last one was meant to jolt you into being awake enough for the Hidden Capital.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Sorry about the playlist hiatus. Great Show! 07.17.10

Listen Here
Label / Artist / Track Name / Album Name

1. Glass Air / Glitch Mob / Animus Vox / Drink the Sea
2. Verve / Dizzy Gillespie / Manteca (Funky Lowlives Mix) / Verve Remixed Vol. 2
3. Ninja Tune / One Self / Fear the Labor / Children of Possibility
4. XL / MIA / It takes a muscle / MAYA
5. KIF / Birdy Nam Nam / Body, Mind, Spirit / Birdy Nam Nam
6. Ninja Tune / Grasscut / 1946 / Inch: 1/2 mile
7. Elm and Oak / Alex B / Seriously Again?! / Moments
8. Polyvinyle / Casio Kids / En Vill Hest / Top Stemming PA Local Bar
9. Anticon / Alias / Into the Trees / Collected Remixes
10. In My Room / Trentemoller / Shades of Marble / Into the Great Wide Yonder
11. Warp / Autechre / rew(1) / Move of Ten
12. Domino / To Rococo Rot / Bells / Speculation
13. Ninja Tune / One Self / Be Your Own / Children of Possibility
14. XL / Ratatat / Mahalo / LP4
15. Pias / Morcheeba / Beat of the Drum / Blood Like Lemonade

New releases in there from Glitch Mob, MIA, Grasscut, Alex B, Casio Kids, Trentemoller, Autechre, to rococo rot, Ratatat and Morcheeba.

Thanks for LISTENING.
Music makes the world go around; I don't care what anyone says.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Sunday Night show- Sub for Instrumental Surroundings Playlist and LINK

Sunday night, I subbed for Roman, host of Instrumental Surroundings from 8PM to 10PM. Here’s the link. Here’s what I played:

Label / Artist / Track Name / Album / Release Date
Any 2010 release is brand new within a month or so. Check out new music album reviews on the wmbr blog at wmbr.org/blog

1. Ninja Tune / Cinematic Orchestra / All things to all men / Man with a Movie Camera / 2002
2. Ninja Tune / Fog / Melted Crayons / Hummer / 2004
3. Up / Land of the Loops / Multi-Family Garage Sale / Hurry Up and Wait / 1996
4. Lex / Boom Bip / Pulse all over / Seed to Sun / 2002
5. Ninja Tune / Funki Porcini / Waking Up / On / 2010
6. Warp / Nice Nice / Away We Glow / Extra Wow / 2010
7. Royal Potato Family / Marco Benevento / You Know I’m no Good / ??? / 2010
8.... then I talked over that Dabrye track I always talk over.
9. Ninja Tune / Kid Koala / Annie’s Parlor / Some of my Best Friends are DJs / 2003
10. Kif Music / Birdy Nam Nam / Jazz it at Home / (Self Titled) / 2006
11. Samplistic / Idiom Creak / Check this in / Room From Another Music / 2004
12. Ninja Tune / Kid Koala / Skanky Panky / Live from the short attention Span Dinner Theater Tour / 2005
13. Warp / Flying Lotus / Zodiac Shit / Cosmogramma / 2010
14. Domino / Fourtet / My Angel Rocks Back and Fourth (Four teas on English Time - Icarus rmx) / Angel Rocks EP
15. Capitol / Fisherspooner / Everything to Gain / Odyssey / 2005
16. Verve / Dizzy Gillespe / Manteca (Funky Lowlives rmx) / Verve Remixed Vol. #2 / 2003
17. Ninja tune / Amon Tobin / Rosies / Out From Out Where / 2002
18. ... Dabrye, again... more of my yammering.
19. Virgin / Massive Atack / Risingson / Mezzanine / 1998
20. Twentythree Rcds / Fila Brazilla / ??? #15 / Dicks / 2004
21. Rabid Rcds / the Knife / We Share Our Mother’s Health / Silent Shout / ???
22. Ryko / Ladytron / Soft Power / Witching Hour / 2005
23. Ghostly International / Richard Devine + Telefon Tel Aviv / CWCIII / 2010
24. Ghostly International / Dabrye / Hyped Up (+tax rmx) / Additional Productions Vol. 1 / 2005

New Amon Tobin mix out online and its FREE...

...if you can figure out how to get the link to work. I'll post again as soon as it works. In the meantime, stream it right here from Radio Ninja!


<a href="http://amontobin.bandcamp.com/track/sc-conviction-roll-credits-unreleased">SC: Conviction - Roll Credits (unreleased) by Amon Tobin</a>

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Great show! 6/5/10

Okay, I had some psyched callers and I directed them to the blog for playlist D33T's then didn't post the playlist for a week.


Rock out with your frock out.

artist / song / album / label
1. School of Seven Bells / Half Asleep / Horizon Line / Ghostly International
2. Gorillaz / On Melancholy Hill / (EP) / Virgin
3. Olafur Arnalds / Þú Ert Eólin (thu ert ayo-lin) / And they have Escaped the Weight of Darkness / Erased Tapes Records
4. Sage Francis / Little Houdini / Li(f)e / Anticon
5. Aesop Rock / Junkyard / 2k6 soundtrack / Verve
6. Ratatat / Neckbrace / LP4 / XL
7. Caural / Dead Armies / Mirrors for Eyes / Mush
8. Nice Nice / Make it Gold / Extra Wow / Warp
9. Bonobo / Pick Up (Fourtet rmx) / ZEN RMX / Ninja Tune
10. the Knife / we share our mother's health / silent shout
11. Herbalizer / Mrs. Chombee Takes the plunge / ZEN RMX
12. Cloudead / keen teen skip / ten / mush
13. funki porcini / belisha beacon / Be / ninja tune

and remember:
the new crystal castles kinda sucks.

This Week's show 6/12/10 - Throwback style

\m/ O \m/
^^Click it and stick it.

I'm calling this one the "throwback ninja" There are a bunch of tracks that I played from 2003 when I started getting into making little radio shows. I used to have some real droaney glitched out beats that would clear a dancefloor faster than you can say "T. Raumschmiere". I'm including the year of release as an added detail. Obviously, all the 2010 stuff is going to be brand new, so look for Holy Fuck, Ratatat and FM Belfast in stores and online so you can look cool to all your friends.

1. 2007 / Ninja Tune / Amon Tobin / Esther's / foley room /
2. 2003 / Mush / daedelus / dark days / rethinking the weather
3. 2010 / Kimi / fm belfast / tropical / how to make friends
4. 2010 / XL / ratatat / sunblocks / LP4
5. 2004 / Ninja tune / Sixtoo / boxcutter emporium part 1 / chewing on glass and other miracle cures
6. 2003 / domino / fourtet / and they all look broken hearted / rounds
7. 2004 / ninja tune / blockhead / breath and start / music by cavelight
8. 2010 / xl / holy fuck / latin america / latin
9. 2004 / ninja tune / sixtoo / boxcutter emporium part III / chewing on glass and other miracle cures
10. 2004 / barsuk / menomena / strongest man in the world / i am the fun blame monster
11. 2003 / mute bank / t. raumschmiere / drown in the sea while watching the stars / radio blackout
12. 2002 / warp / squarepusher / F-Train / do you know squarepusher?
13. 2010 / anticon / tobacco / lick the witch / manic meat
14. 1998 / ninja tune / amon tobin / nightlife / permutation
15. 1969 / apple / beatles / golden slumbers, carry that weight and the end / abbey road
...that one's been stuck in my head all week and I thought I'd impose it on you, too.

Thanks for listening!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Impromptu Radio Ninja, 4PM, today!

Hey, I just heard from a fellow DJ who needs a hand with covering his radio shift.

4-6. TUNE IN on the archives...

The impromptu episode from when I covered for "Droppin' Knowledge" on Thursday.

Here's yer link. Give a listen, y'all. New releases are in BOLD.

1. Ninja Tune / Sixtoo / Boxcutter Emporium Pt. 1 / Chewing on Glass and other miracle cures
to talk over...

2. Unlimited / Glitch Mob / Animus Vox / Drink the Sea
3. XL / Ratatat / Mandy / LP4
4. Ninja Tune / Funki Porcini / Undermud / On
5. Virgin / Gorillaz / On Melancholy Hill (EP)

6. Domino / Fourtet / Ringer (EP)
7. Kimi / FM Belfast / Optical / How to make friends
8. Domino / Fourtet / Smile around the face / Everything Ecstatic
9. Ninja Tune / Jaga Jazzist / Day / Zentertainment (compilation)
10. XL / Holy Fuck / Silva and Grimes / Latin
11. Fontana / Lamb / B-Line (andy votel mix) (EP)
12. Verve / Marlena Shaw / California Soul (Diplo/mad decent rmx) / Verve Remixed volume 4
13. Anticon / Tobacco / Motorlicker / Manic Meat

14. Elektra / Stereolab / People do it all the time / Cobra and phases group play voltage in the milky night

... I meant to play the third track (not the second) but there was a slight slip of the wrist at a very key moment and I let it play... I made up for it later when I was bitter that I hadn't heard "The Free Design" yet.

15. Samplistic / Idiom Creak / the Unrivaled King of the Beautiful Lonely Jungle / Room from another music
16. Ghostly International / School of Seven Bells / Half Asleep (Lusine rmx) / Horizon Line
17. (Self Release) / Swayzak / Speak Easy / Loops from the Bergerie
18. Warp / Nice Nice / See waves / Extra Wow
19. Elektra / Stereolab / The Free Design / Cobra and phases group play voltage in the milky Night
20. Epitaph / Sage Francis / The best of times / Li(f)e
21. Warp / Flying Lotus / Zodiac Shit / Cosmogramma
22. ESL / Thunderball / Vai Vai / Outernational Sound (a compilation mixed and released by Theivery Corporation.

Thanks for listening!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

New Caribou album fun fact and free download:

Hey, so one of the catchiest tracks off the new Caural album is "Sun"... totally played that on my show last Saturday. I am so hip it hurts.


I just noticed that they had a remix - off for that track.
The winner's track is on the interweb and its free for the taking.

This link will take you to the Caribou blog, where you can stream or download the winning track as well as the top ten runner-ups. Its like a free Caribou - Sun remix EP!

I love the winning track.
...the other 10 I haven't gotten to, yet...



Saturday, May 22, 2010

Awright, awright, awright:

Great show for the first of many at reasonable hours. There seemed to be an Odd Nosdam theme... due in part to the fact that I ripped four or so of his albums to my hard drive just before the show.

Download it HERE

Artist / Song Title / Album Title / Label

1. Odd Nosdam / Untitled Three (w. Jessica Bailiff) / Untitled Three EP / Anticon
2. Sage Francis / Little Houdini / Li(f)e / Epitaph
3. Lali Puna / Move On / Our intentions / Morr Music
4. Odd Nosdam / We Bad Apples / T.I.M.E. Soundtrack / Anticon
5. Flying Lotus / Zodiac Shit / Cosmogramma / Warp
6. DJ Food / Turtle Soup (Luke Vibert rmx) / Zen RMX (compilation) / Ninja Tune
7. Caribou / Sun / Swim / Merge
8. Gonjasufi / Anscestors / A Sufi and a Killer / Warp
9. High Places / the Longest Shadows / Vs. Mandkind / Thrill Jockey
10. Gotan Project / La Gloria / Tango 3.0 / XL
11. Nice Nice / See Waves / Extra Wow / Warp
12. FM Belfast / Underwear / How to Make Friends / Kimi Rcds
13. Crystal Castles / Empathy / Crystal Castles II / Fiction
14. the Notwist / Pick up the phone / Neon Golden

... cut off by a PSA...which is somewhat standard...but then the next dj wasn't ready to go on air and I got a chance to sample a new track:

15. (bonus track) Mind. In. A. Box. / Last Ninja 2 / 8 Bits / Metropolis

Thanks for n3rding out, Ninjas!
Stay tuned to this blog for updates and surprise appearances of ninja choons... teaching your turntable to tip toe quieter.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

WMBR schedule change and extra AIRTIME, TONIGHT!

Hey, all!

Radio Ninja will be on air tonight during the "Breakbeat Axiom" time slot from 10PM - Midnight. Catch it at 88.1 MHz on your FM frequency or at wmbr.org


WMBR has officially changed its schedule as it does three times a year due to college semester schedules and stuff like that...

Radio Ninja got a major boost on the hierarchical scheme (because I help out so much and I'm also very cute). Now, I'll be on for one hour, Saturday afternoons! Listen while your laundry is drying, your driving to your day hike or you're just waking up from your Friday night insanity!

Radio Ninja
88.1 FM
Saturdays 1PM - 2PM

Friday, May 7, 2010

Awright: Its on.

Night Owl on the schedule.
Midnight to one.
Party set.

Be here... or at least visit the archives, tomorrow.

Did you miss it?

Side A: http://wmbr.org/m3u/Night_Owl_20100508_0000.m3u
Side B: http://wmbr.org/m3u/The_Voices_in_our_Heads_20100508_0100.m3u

Friday, April 30, 2010

Radio Ninja is a go:

Listen in tonight from MIDNIGHT to ONE at wmbr.org or on the airwaves at 88.1 in Cambridge, MA. Electro-tweakers unite- I got a special guest and a really glitchy space out set coming your way.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

TODAY ONLY - Andreya Triana's new hit single is FREE on Amazon.

Go there now

A newly signed artist to the Ninja Tune label, Andreya Triana's voice moves you like a jazz singer in a packed house. The beats behind her are none other than Bonobo, long time favorite at Radio Ninja headquarters.

This song is HOT and gaining popularity fast. Andreya Triana's release came out April 6, 2010 but you've been hearing it on Radio Ninja for about a month now. Hmmm...

Better download that track before the clock strikes 12!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Complimentary album on the Mush Label Website!

Music nerds (such as myself) are often found trolling a label's website. Today I found a treat waiting for me at mushrecords.com

Here's Mush's description of the release by Antimc, aptly titled "It's Free, But It's Not Cheap"

It's Free, But It's Not Cheap, the solo debut from Los Angeles producer Antimc, is a nine-song collection of sprawling post-rock, dancefloor filling hip-hop, and inspired electronics. The album features three MCs (Busdriver, Cadence Weapon, and Saafir), three vocalists (Anthony Anzalone of the Mean Reds, Andrew Broder of Fog, and Mark Mitchell of Clue to Kalo), and shows a vast range of production styles. Antimc is the rare producer that is just as accomplished at writing melodies, playing his own live instrumentation, and structuring a song, as he is at programming a drum machine and editing on a computer. This versatility shows as he is able to span hip-hop to hardcore to electro to post-rock and capture standout performances from each collaborator, while always focusing on creating an expertly crafted song.

My input:
This album has some winners and some losers. I like the electro tracks quite a bit and theres one that features Busdriver, one of the Mush MCs. I'll be playing a selection or two off this album on my next show, fer sher.

The catch:
I can't download it for you. You have to put your email address in on the Mush site.
Clickey here: I love Mush Records

Friday, April 9, 2010

Playlist: 04.10.10 Midnight to 1AM

I chose Dabrye's Additional Productions Vol. 1 album to talk over, since I love these bad ass beats on the Ghostly label but most of the instrumental hip hop tracks don't really go anywhere. There's no beginning and no end... just 7 minutes straight of unchanging bad ass beats.

Also, I'd like to apologize and disclaim that all of these tracks were found in the stacks at MIT's station. Would you believe that the music director responsible for all the urban/electro crossover stuff has been asleep at the wheel for about five years? Most of these releases came out back when I was a DJ in Vermont... FIVE YEARS AGO (or more). I'm probably going to take on some kind of Radio Ninja - subsubgenre music director role. Get some new releases up in heyah!

1. Dabrye / Keep Life Right (Instrumental) / Additional Productions Vol. 1/ Ghostly International
2. Lyrics Born / Do that there Remix (Young einstein Hoo-Hoo mix) / Same S$%#, Different Day / Quannum Projects
3. Buck 65 / 1957 / Situation / Strange Famous Records / 2007... this was filed in the "new" section, so I called it new on the air. ::hand to forehead::
4. Roots Manuva / Collossal Insight / Awfully Deep / Big Dada
5. Dabrye / Hyped-up plus tax (2002 live version) / Additional Productions Vol. 1. / Ghostly
6. Blockhead / The art of Walking / Downtown Science / Ninja Tune
7. Aesop Rock / Catacomb Kids / None Shall Pass / Def Jux
After playing one Aesop track, I really just want to have the rest of the show for playing tracks by this guy, but worry about show variety... maybe I'll play "Junkyard" next week, but I kept trying to find just the right time to play it. Its on a basketball video game soundtrack.
8. Dabrye / Monstertruck / Additional Productions Vol. 1 / Ghostly
9. Kid Beyond / Wandering Star / Amplivate / ??... I'll look into that label.
10. Lotek Hi-Fi / Under My Bed / Lotek Hi-Fi / Big Dada
11. Danger Doom / A.T.H.F. / the Mouse and the Mask / Epitaph
12. Souls of Mischeif / Spark (RJD2's water damage mix) / EP (from the Urban Renewal compilation) / Chocolate Industries
13. cLOUDEAD / Keen Teen Skip / Ten / Mush
14. Cut Chemist / the Garden / the Audience is Listening / Warner Bros.
15. Blue States / Diamente / Nothing Changes under the Sun / Eighteenth Street Lounge (ESL)
16. Nicodemus / Cleopatra in New York / Endangered Species / ESL

Tune in next time to hear more from my Aesop Rock fixation.

Radio Ninja, TONIGHT!

Tune in at MIDNIGHT, tonight to hear an hour of some awesome hip hop tracks I just pulled from the aisles and aisles of luxurious music selections. Go to 88.1 FM if you're local and wmbr.org if you're not.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Late night with Radio Ninja:

Heyo, Ninja n3rds...
I'll be spinning musical media of various mediums tonight after you get out of the bar:


Tune in on the internet:

or on ye olde radio:

Thanks for listening!

Monday, March 8, 2010

Really fun show: Monday March 8, 10PM PLAYLIST and LINK for download.

I heard Rik needed a sub for "Last Dance at the Death Disco" and jumped on that right away. I'm really glad I did, because it turned out to be a really fun show. I started out with epic Amon Tobin cinematica, dug around on the internet for the latest releases and news in the Ninja Tune community, got a little funky with some old school ninja beats... I just had some fun with it.

Download the show here.

Here's your playlist, ya ninja n3rds:

I used Mr. Scruff's track "Ug" to talk over throughout the show. I found it on the Xen Cuts anthology put out on Ninja Tune.
[Ninja Tune / Amon Tobin / Foley Room / Bloodstone]
[Ninja Tune / Amon Tobin / "Freebie" album from amontobin.com / Manta Focus Rehab Boot]
[Ninja Tune / Bonobo / Black Sands / Black Sands Mini Mix]*
[Ninja Tune / Andreya Triana / Lost Where I Belong]*
[MUSH / the Opus / Breathing Lessons Promo EP / Isis]
[Ninja Tune / Bonobo / Zen Remix (comp.) / Pick Up (Fourtet Remix)]
[Ninja Tune / DJ Food / Kaleidoscope / the Riff]
[Tru Thoughts / Quantic Soul Orchestra / Pushin' On / Pushin' On (feat. Alice Russel)]
[Verve / Cal Tjader / Verve Remixed 2 (comp) / Soul Sauce (Filla Brazilla remix)]
[Ninja Tune / Amon Tobin / Permutation / Bridge]
[Quannum Projects / Lyrics Born / Same $#!@, Different Day / Do that there (the young Einstein hoo-hoo mix)]
[(independent release) / Pointer Sisters / P-Love's After School Special Mix / Pinball Number Count] (Yup, the one from Sesame Street in the 80's. Its re-release in 2003 is available here.)
[Big Dada / Spank Rock / Yoyoyoyoyo / Bump]
[Lex / Dan le Sac vs. Scroobius Pip / Thou Shalt Always Kill EP / Thou Shalt Always Kill]
[Definitive Jux / Aesop Rock / Fast Cars, Danger, Fire and Knives / Holy Smokes]
[Ninja Tune / Skalpel / 1956 Remix Album / Break In (Paradowski Rmx)]
[Red Ink / DJ Krush / Jaku / Still Island]
[MUSH / Daedelus / Rethinking the Weather / Chorus Verse Chorus]
[Ninja Tune / DJ Food / Jazz Breaks Vol. 4 / Mambo Jack]
[Warner Bros. / Devo / Q: Are We Not Men? A: We Are Devo! / (I can't get no) Satisfaction]
[Leaf/Bay / Navaurio Sauro, Si Begg / The Complete Death of Cool (comp) / Unknown Dialect]
[This release is a mystery. I found it here, on last.fm / Saint Jack / King of the School]
[One Little Indian / Bjork / Unicef Charity Record! Army of Me: remixes and covers / Army of Me (Bersarinplatz remix)]
[Ninja Tune / Amon Tobin / Out From Out Where / Searchers]

*These tracks available for free download online! See the blog posts about Bonobo or Andreya Triana for links to these.

New Ninja Tune artist, Andreya Triana :: Free Download


Introducing Andreya Triana - new signing to Ninja Tune
Her highly anticipated debut album 'Lost Where I Belong' (produced by Bonobo) will be released in August 2010, with a single of the same name being released on the 5th of April. The single includes an amazing Flying Lotus remix (FREE download link below).

Andreya's soulful vocals are already well known and loved from appearances on tracks such as 'Tea Leaf Dancers' by Flying Lotus, 'Hold On' by Mr Scruff, 'Chemistry' by Theo Parrish and 'The Keeper' by Bonobo.

--> Tune in 10PM tonight on 88.1FM WMBR, Cambridge.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Tomorrow Night, 10PM-Midnight.

Heyo, all:

I got some air time tomorrow night!
Tune in to wmbr.org at 10PM until midnight.
Monday night beats. Aww, yeah.

See you then!

Saturday, March 6, 2010

New Bonobo release is going to ROCK my WORLD.

There's an exclusive 11 minute free mix of the songs from Bonobo's new album here.

Bonobo's beats are organic and beautiful. He's done collaborations with such beatwizards as Amon Tobin and Four Tet. You probably want to click that link, now.

The dizzy:

Label: Ninja Tune
Artist: Bonobo
Album: Black Sands
Release Date: March 29

You heard it here first.

03/06/10 'Night Owl' Timeslot playlist and link

Sooo, I'm brand new to the station and willing babysitters are scarce at 3-5AM, I regretfully have two hours of FUZZ on the archives page under the Radio Ninja name. WMBR policy prohibits DJs to be at the helm of the transmitter without proper training. I can dig it. It just means the link to my radio show is in a confusingly different place. Time to subscribe to my blog so you don't miss anything!

Last night was my first show from midnight to 1AM. I got in some signature Ninja Tune beats as promised... Check it out. Stream it or save it in your itunes or other media player and listen later.

Sat Mar 06 12:00 am

Here's the lineup:

  • Label . Artist . Album . Track Title.
  • Fat Cat . Mum . Finally we are no one . We Have a Map of the Piano
  • Mush . Neotropic . White Rabbits . Magpies
  • Anticon . Jel . Soft Money . Sweet Cream in it
  • Ninja Tune . Kid Koala . Some of my Best Friends are DJs . Elevator Hopper
  • Ubiquity . Quantic . An Announcement to Answer . Bomb in a Trumpet Factory
  • Samplisitc . Idiom Creak . Jet Powered, Monkey Navigated . ZANUBA!
  • Alpha Pup . Blackbird . Bird's Eye View . Midnight Rider
  • Big Dada . Diplo . Florida . Big Lost
  • Mush . cLOUDEAD . Dead Dogs Two EP . Dead Dogs Two (Boards of Canada rmx)
  • Ninja Tune . Blockhead . Music by Cavelight . Triptych Pt. 1
  • Ninja Tune . Sixtoo . Chewing on Glass and Other Miracle Cures . Boxcutter Emporium Pt. 1
  • My Pal God . the YMD . Excuse Me, this is Yah Mos Def . Stockton to Malone
  • Def Jux . El-P . I'll Sleep When Your'e Dead . Tasmanian Pain Coaster
  • Ninja Tune . Jaga Jazzist . One Armed Band . One Armed Band
Thanks for listening!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Forthcoming Show:

Tune in live at 88.1 FM in Cambridge, MA, or at wmbr.org. If you want to listen in your own time, I've got the last show or two archived online. Scroll down to "Radio Ninja" to find what you're looking for.

L-Train is my name and I'm happy to present my return to radio after a multi-year hiatus. While I have a lot of crate digging to do to get caught up with the latest releases for you, I'm going to give you the best of Radio Ninja past and present. I'd also like to add that I am not affiliated with the Ninja Tune, so the views presented on Radio Ninja do not reflect those of the Ninja Tune record label. Kapiche?

What to expect:
Lots of Ninja Tune (the show's namesake): Funki Porcini, Hextatic, Coldcut, Fog, Blockhead, Kid Koala, Sixtoo, Amon Tobin, DJ Food, Up Bustle and Out, Jaga Jazzist, Mr. Scruff and Skalpel will all be in the heavy rotation.

Other Labels:

Other similar labels that'll get a lot of usage will include Verve (especially their remixes of vintage jazz tunes). Lex is another common label for my show (midtempo acts like Boom Bip and some hip hop influences like DJ Signify). Mush has a lot of interesting acts that use low-fi crackliness and cut up sampling (Daedalus, cLOUDEAD, Odd Nosdam, Themselves, Doseone, the Opus). 18th St. Lounge, Thirsty Ear and Blue Note labels all have a lot of great trip hop/jazz/soul crossover material (El-P, Karminsky Experience, St. Germain, Herbert, Thievery Corporation, Thunderball). Some straight up underground hip hop labels play sister to Ninja Tune and I can dig Quannum Projects MC's because they are artful and tasteful and sometimes they are FCC compatible, which is nice (Lyrics Born, Lateef, Gift of Gab).

Other Artists:

Some stand out in my mind and on past playlists including DJ Spooky (turntablism), DJ Shadow(downtempo/cinematica), Bjork (icelandic mainstream), Plaid (midtempo beats... has done some collaborations with Bjork), Tosca (downtempo), Four Tet (electronic weirdness- nobody doesn't like 4tet.), Secret Frequency Crew (spooky cinematic beats), Squarepusher and Aphex Twin (drum and bass-ey beats), Air (ethereal french downtempo), Land of the Loops (mind numbing car commercial music), Lemon Jelly (the beats of nature) Diplo (half downtempo; half all over the place) and the heavily sampled heavily cut up tracks of Prefuse 73 on the Warp label.

Oh, and theres a tiny label called Samplistic out of UC Davis (well, they moved to San Fran in the past few years)... but I love everything they've put out. The guy that started it up calls himself "Idiom Creak" and he's kind of Amon Tobin-ey but he's totally original... which makes him more like Amon Tobin than just copying him.

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