Saturday, March 6, 2010

03/06/10 'Night Owl' Timeslot playlist and link

Sooo, I'm brand new to the station and willing babysitters are scarce at 3-5AM, I regretfully have two hours of FUZZ on the archives page under the Radio Ninja name. WMBR policy prohibits DJs to be at the helm of the transmitter without proper training. I can dig it. It just means the link to my radio show is in a confusingly different place. Time to subscribe to my blog so you don't miss anything!

Last night was my first show from midnight to 1AM. I got in some signature Ninja Tune beats as promised... Check it out. Stream it or save it in your itunes or other media player and listen later.

Sat Mar 06 12:00 am

Here's the lineup:

  • Label . Artist . Album . Track Title.
  • Fat Cat . Mum . Finally we are no one . We Have a Map of the Piano
  • Mush . Neotropic . White Rabbits . Magpies
  • Anticon . Jel . Soft Money . Sweet Cream in it
  • Ninja Tune . Kid Koala . Some of my Best Friends are DJs . Elevator Hopper
  • Ubiquity . Quantic . An Announcement to Answer . Bomb in a Trumpet Factory
  • Samplisitc . Idiom Creak . Jet Powered, Monkey Navigated . ZANUBA!
  • Alpha Pup . Blackbird . Bird's Eye View . Midnight Rider
  • Big Dada . Diplo . Florida . Big Lost
  • Mush . cLOUDEAD . Dead Dogs Two EP . Dead Dogs Two (Boards of Canada rmx)
  • Ninja Tune . Blockhead . Music by Cavelight . Triptych Pt. 1
  • Ninja Tune . Sixtoo . Chewing on Glass and Other Miracle Cures . Boxcutter Emporium Pt. 1
  • My Pal God . the YMD . Excuse Me, this is Yah Mos Def . Stockton to Malone
  • Def Jux . El-P . I'll Sleep When Your'e Dead . Tasmanian Pain Coaster
  • Ninja Tune . Jaga Jazzist . One Armed Band . One Armed Band
Thanks for listening!

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