Tuesday, December 21, 2010

My gift to you, out of guilt for not posting here for months...

Hey, so usually I make it available for you to locate the link to the archives. Links shminks, I say. I'm gonna make up my antisocial nature for these last few months (Hey, I got a job- I'M NOT A MACHINE, YOU KNOW!!). I'mma give you some actual Radio Ninja mp3's so you can sync 'em to your ipod and it'll be like when Pinocchio became a real boy. Stay tuned. Its all happening THURSDAY.

Also happening Thursday:
Being that the schoolies have fled MIT to be with their mommies, I will be subbing for some WMBR comrades Thursday from 7-10PM. It should be fun. The first hour's regularly scheduled program is usually female vocalist-style ... um... indie or something. I'll give downtempo a girly flair for that hour with lots of Lamb, Ladytron and maybe some Peaches (if the FCC allows). The last two hours is one of my favorite shows that's not mine: Non-stop Ecstatic Screaming (or what I like to call "NES" because it makes me think of a Nintendo from the 80's). This show is considered "free form", so I'm gonna dig up some glitch, cinematica and anything just a little too weird for Radio Ninja.

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