Saturday, September 11, 2010

Radio Ninja's on Autopilot this week :-/

\m/O\m/<= listen to it NAO!!

So, I just made yer mix for you. All you gotta do is tune in at 1PM to or 88.1FM near Boston. This week features a new release on the MUSH label. I'm loving this new guy "Loden". He's got click buzz fizz cinematica and trip hoppy beats. I hope you like it because I played about five tracks off that new album:

artist: Loden
album: Buggy
label: Mush

ALL NEWLY RELEASED TRACKS in this set! I'm a winner.
Check the playlist out on trackblaster

I also dig that new Uffie track that sounds like Lou Reed's "Rock and Roll"...and the Ratatat, of course. Aw, hell- its all good.


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