Tuesday, May 25, 2010

New Caribou album fun fact and free download:

Hey, so one of the catchiest tracks off the new Caural album is "Sun"... totally played that on my show last Saturday. I am so hip it hurts.


I just noticed that they had a remix - off for that track.
The winner's track is on the interweb and its free for the taking.

This link will take you to the Caribou blog, where you can stream or download the winning track as well as the top ten runner-ups. Its like a free Caribou - Sun remix EP!

I love the winning track.
...the other 10 I haven't gotten to, yet...



Saturday, May 22, 2010

Awright, awright, awright:

Great show for the first of many at reasonable hours. There seemed to be an Odd Nosdam theme... due in part to the fact that I ripped four or so of his albums to my hard drive just before the show.

Download it HERE

Artist / Song Title / Album Title / Label

1. Odd Nosdam / Untitled Three (w. Jessica Bailiff) / Untitled Three EP / Anticon
2. Sage Francis / Little Houdini / Li(f)e / Epitaph
3. Lali Puna / Move On / Our intentions / Morr Music
4. Odd Nosdam / We Bad Apples / T.I.M.E. Soundtrack / Anticon
5. Flying Lotus / Zodiac Shit / Cosmogramma / Warp
6. DJ Food / Turtle Soup (Luke Vibert rmx) / Zen RMX (compilation) / Ninja Tune
7. Caribou / Sun / Swim / Merge
8. Gonjasufi / Anscestors / A Sufi and a Killer / Warp
9. High Places / the Longest Shadows / Vs. Mandkind / Thrill Jockey
10. Gotan Project / La Gloria / Tango 3.0 / XL
11. Nice Nice / See Waves / Extra Wow / Warp
12. FM Belfast / Underwear / How to Make Friends / Kimi Rcds
13. Crystal Castles / Empathy / Crystal Castles II / Fiction
14. the Notwist / Pick up the phone / Neon Golden

... cut off by a PSA...which is somewhat standard...but then the next dj wasn't ready to go on air and I got a chance to sample a new track:

15. (bonus track) Mind. In. A. Box. / Last Ninja 2 / 8 Bits / Metropolis

Thanks for n3rding out, Ninjas!
Stay tuned to this blog for updates and surprise appearances of ninja choons... teaching your turntable to tip toe quieter.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

WMBR schedule change and extra AIRTIME, TONIGHT!

Hey, all!

Radio Ninja will be on air tonight during the "Breakbeat Axiom" time slot from 10PM - Midnight. Catch it at 88.1 MHz on your FM frequency or at wmbr.org


WMBR has officially changed its schedule as it does three times a year due to college semester schedules and stuff like that...

Radio Ninja got a major boost on the hierarchical scheme (because I help out so much and I'm also very cute). Now, I'll be on for one hour, Saturday afternoons! Listen while your laundry is drying, your driving to your day hike or you're just waking up from your Friday night insanity!

Radio Ninja
88.1 FM
Saturdays 1PM - 2PM

Friday, May 7, 2010

Awright: Its on.

Night Owl on the schedule.
Midnight to one.
Party set.

Be here... or at least visit the archives, tomorrow.

Did you miss it?

Side A: http://wmbr.org/m3u/Night_Owl_20100508_0000.m3u
Side B: http://wmbr.org/m3u/The_Voices_in_our_Heads_20100508_0100.m3u

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