Thursday, September 11, 2014

Back to business as usual...


Back from being on assignment at Black Rock City with the Cosmic Praise crew.
Woopie!  Time to have some fun in the studio, again.

Miss me?
Here's a video of 99 Red Balloons to make up for it...

Post by AIME.

Thursday, June 26, 2014


Those of you tuning in from the internet, hear ye:
My guest tonight needs your FUNDS because those of you who HAVE THE NINJA LOVE know I also have EXCELLENT TASTE in ART (right?)

Tonight's episode or Radio Ninja will feature one of Boston's finest, biggest and brightest sculptor / maker / burner weirdos, Doug Ruuska in an effort to get the word out that WE NEED YOUR SUPPORT to MAKE IT HAPPEN!

Click here for the Kickstarter page!

Doug's a great guy.  Everything that he designs is typically overbuilt in a "tim the tool man taylor" kind of way.  Here he is in his shop, fixing a new toy with a Cosmic Praise team Structural/Welder specialist, Blake:

Right, so those of you who are not familiar with the whole Burning Man thing, get your head out of the playa dust! Basically, a bunch of DJs, makers, sculptors, performing artists, fabric artists, sound technicians, fashionistas and weirdos of a multitude of other formats (in short, some of the most creative individuals in the world) take planes, trains, bicycles, automobiles and busses to get to the middle of nowhere in Nevada for one week every August to set up a temporary city called "Black Rock City".

Boston has a surprisingly strong representation of weirdos- go figure.

Doug's projects through the years at Burning Man have a well-earned rapport of success!  Stuff like "Go Fly A Bike" and "Avocamentum Galactica" are well known among the Boston "Burner" community.

So, this year, he pitched his "Cosmic Praise" concept to the organization of Burning Man in the form of a grant proposal to cover HALF the costs of this project.  When he got his acceptance response, they wanted to know if he was interested in placing this project right at CENTER CAMP!

To a Burner, that means the 6 o'clock keyhole!  "6 and esplanade!"
(To a non-burner Bostonian, that's kind of like putting it at South Station!!)

It's a massive honor!...but now we have to put a lot more structure into this tower.  It'll be heavier than we anticipated and inevitably, it will cost more than the original quote to the Burning Man organization.

Please check out or Kickstarter video and SUPPORT COSMIC PRAISE so we can BRING BIG BOSTON ART TO THE PLAYA!

Thursday, May 15, 2014

"Fox" of the Elements DJs on Radio Ninja tonight, yammerin' about skiing, Together, Noisia and the Upbeats!

It's that time of year, again.  Together Festival is in full swing and this year, we've got lots to see and do and learn about.  If you're into electronic music and from Massachusetts but you've never heard of the Together Festival, its time to get your head out of the sand!  One glorious week of the year, our city gets inundated with a treasure trove of up-and-coming to greatly successful electronic music acts.  This all pairs really well with hundreds of other events like VJ or Remixing competitions and educational panels to teach you how to DJ, produce your own beats, check out the latest upgrades in MIDI controllers and sound-related software.  (Think of it as kind of a small-scale SXSW, specifically for electronic music.)

Here's Together Festival's schedule - DON'T SLEEP!

That being said, I'm bringing in a taste of what's left to come this week in Together music history... DJ Fox, local Drum and Bass master artisan and resident DJ for Elements, Boston's premiere Drum and Bass weekly dance night (for more than 15 years)!

Fox has a busy week because not only is he stopping in for some ninja banter on Radio Ninja, but he's also heading to the Phoenix Landing tonight for the UPBEATS show.  They're really chummy with the elements croo in a chosen-family kind of way so come out for the kickass beats and stay for the club-like atmosphere because that's how we do, down at Phoenix Landing (in Cambridge).

Next on the schedule, we have Fox and Lenore (also of Elements) opening tomorrow night for - wait for it - NOISIA! Holy sheeeeeet, I've been a fan of Noisia since that one side project they did that one time with Amon Tobin (my one true love).  When I heard from Fox that he was opening for Noisia, I got super psyched for him.  I'll link you to the ticket purchasing page to make it easy on you... this might just sell out, friends.


Noisia is right at home on a video game soundtrack the just released...

Thursday, May 1, 2014

μ-Ziq + Lara Rix-Martin = Heterotic.

Hey, remember ten years ago when weirdo avant-garde electronic music had a lot of jazz and drum and bass in it? 

How to lose your live radio audience in 7 minutes or less:

Those were the days :D  If you listened to Squarepusher and Aphex Twin back in the day, chances are you remember μ-Ziq's headdy glitch-before-glitch-existed album "Brace Yourself" from the late 90's.

Put that cassingle on FFWD to present day, where he has joined his wife Lara Rix-Martin to form the modern day duo "Heterotic", which has just released an aptly named "Weird Drift"

Look, I found the Soundcloud page for the ENTIRE streamable album (because I love you):

Tune in TONIGHT from 6 - 7PM
88.1FM in the Boston area, everywhere there is internet!



Thursday, April 10, 2014

I will TRUST you!

Hey Ninjas!

Surprise!  I have another ticket give away in store for you, this weekend.

TRUST will be gracing Boston with melancholy, brooding synthpop TOMORROW NIGHT at GREAT SCOTT in ALLSTON!

Robert Alfons' brooding, gritty (and so goth) voice. You might remember it from the hit on his first album "TRST"

Here's the advantage to those of you nerdy enough to read the blog:
If you hear me play Bulbform, call in and win a pair of tickets to tomorrow's show!

This is what you're listening for:

I'll wait to tell the rest of the listening audience about the ticket giveaway until after Bulbform is over.

I will say this about tomorrow's show:
The new release, Joyland, is ONE SICK ALBUM.
Wear your shiny boots and all the PVC Lip Service you own.

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Industrial Factory visits Radio Ninja!

Hey ninjas!

Another one of my favorite local DJs is going to grace the Radio Ninja hour this week!

DJ "Brian L" is host to a couple great DJ projects in the Boston area. He hosts WZBC's "The Industrial Factory" every Sunday night from 8-10PM at 90.3FM in the Boston area or anywhere there is internet...

He also co-hosts with DJ Flyweight a genre-bending monthly at River Gods called "Fuzzed out Bliss" which explores more dreamy stuff like shoegaze, post punk, noisepop, dreampop and coldwave. All stuff you can wear black to, of course.

Join us on Radio Ninja tonight to welcome our special guest in celebration of his gig at Ceremony next Monday at witching hour o'clock... Here's the skinny (c/o DJ Static's facebook post):


March 31st
DJ Static & guest DJ Brian L
from WZBC's The Industrial Factory

We will be giving away tickets
to see VNV Nation
at Royale in Boston, May 7th!

Ceremony @ Arc Nightclub and Lounge
835 Beacon Street
Boston MA




Free before 9:30

Dress code: goth-industrial-fetish-punk-creative attire
all black minimum

Here's a Brian L-approved teaser track for those of you that can't wait-

Thursday, March 6, 2014

OK, we're cool.

Radio Ninja coming to you TONIGHT ON THE NEW SCHEDULE: 6-7PM.
88.1FM in the Boston area.
WMBR.ORG everywhere there is internet.

It's half as long but back to the rush hour block so that'll give you something to tap your toe to while you're stuck in your car again.
Here's a cute glitch hop video! :D

Friday, February 28, 2014

...and then that happened...

So, the demand for shows at WMBR this semester is pretty high. Stuff going on outside of Radio Ninja is making it a challenge to fit L-Train into the schedule soooo... SUPRISE! I might have to disappear from WMBR for six or so weeks. Think of it as that last episode of your favorite TV programming that happens right around Kranksgiving and doesn't come back until late January.

IF: negotiations don't end out in my favor,
THEN: I will have to take a pretty long vacation.
Either way, I'll be posting here of course to keep you up to speed on any new material I'll have up on mixcloud and soundcloud or any other radio station I might be applying to ;)

Tonight's episode is going to be doubleplusgood like its my last night on DJ earth.

For instance, tune in tonight because I'll be giving away a free pair of tickets to the Tosca show at Paradise, next Thursday! :D

"The core duo of musicians/composers Richard Dorfmeister and Rupert Huber will be joined by Robert Gallagher and Cath Coffey on vocals for the performance, as well as visuals from the Ars Electronica Future Lab." - Together Boston

To study up more about the curiosities of next week's Tosca show, click over to Together Boston's nice little preview.

♥♥♥ In the meantime, I'll be making every effort to keep Radio Ninja on-air for us all ♥♥♥

Friday, February 21, 2014

DJ Saint Rob (aka Rob Ticho), tonight on Radio Ninja


Here's Rob in his natural habitat: his home studio...

Saint Rob AKA Rob Ticho is a techno and house DJ hailing from Burlington, Vermont. His sounds range from tripped out dark spoken word tracks to four on the floor pragmatic dancefloor assault. He is in the middle of launching his new record label Default Rejects. He has releases on Slanted Black records (same crew as Craig Mitchell of Boston's Club Rise fame), runs Club mU up in the northcountry and DJs for WRUV 90.1 FM in Burlington, Vermont.

Here's a preview track for tonight's show, complete with a download link (wink wink):

Behold, the LINKS:

Friday, February 14, 2014

Happy Valentine's Ninja

Hey, ninja lovvies…

It's that time of year again… If Radio Ninja falls on Valentine's Day (like it did last year lol), I sit - devoted to the cause - in a lonely basement at MIT, bringing you two hours of music about love and everything that goes with it.

This will run the gambit of all the highs and lows you can expect from loving someone. You know the deal: if they love you back, there's some bliss, some euphoria and of course lust. If they don't love you back, you basically want some sad bastard music you can cut your wrists to, so I'll have plenty of that in there, to balance things out. Throughout, I'll sprinkle in some of the most soulful make out songs I've collected through the years.



Friday, January 17, 2014

Radio NinjArisia

Hey, Boston

Let's pregame for the weekend (like we did last weekend)!

This week, I've got sci-fi on the brain because Boston is home to Arisia, "New England's largest and most diverse science fiction and fantasy convention". Time to get your N3rrd on. Bring your woolongs, latinum and rupees if you want to shop for a new Daenerys Targaryen costume; I hear the baby dragons cost extra.

(...bad example... she was naked in that scene. I'm sure someone would sell you some body paint, though.)

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Whaddap, Radio Freq*s! Tune in TONIGHT as I go META!

...I mean, I'm going to guest on DJ Metamoss' glitchy, beautiful-beats non-radio radio program, "Boudoir Muses" which broadcasts from Glitch.FM, a meta radio station found everywhere there is internet.

There have been some seriously talented DJs featured on Boudoir Muses for the past few months like Boston's own Vinyl Blight, Serial Krusher and DJ Bedside Manor, so in that vein, I'll try not to screw up too much xD


The magic happens tonight from 9-11PM; TUNE IN HERE (or copy "" to your browser)

Friday, January 3, 2014

Pregame radio party for Ceremony's "Down With Tempo" with special guest, DJ Lost Boy

Hey, kiddos!

Its freezing outside. You should probably stay warm next to your computer speakers listening to Radio Ninja, tonight. I've got a great guest in house who's DJ residence includes Ceremony's downtempo night (aptly named "Down With Tempo")

Here are the LINKS!

Keep in touch with DJ Lost Boy on Facebook.
Keep up with Ceremony nights in Boston.

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