Monday, May 20, 2013

Lookout, Ninjas!

Tonight's episode of Radio Ninja will feature some special graduation-themed messages from David Foster Wallace's famous graduation speech "This Is Water" (so all the soon-to-be-graduate-ninjas of MIT can swim with the big fishies without losing their minds).

Also, hey! I found a sister college radio program from Texas that is awesome and plays some seriously Ninja-worthy stuff. I'll probably put it into the regular rotation on my home listening decks (which are laptop speakers) and I'm saying it here. Check out "The Lookout" from San Antonio on KSYM!

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And of course, make sure you tune in (live or to the archives) tonight at 6PM on or czech me on the archives later.

- David Foster Wallace

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Not a year goes by I don't... hey, wait...

It's been a huge year for Radio Ninja (and L-Train) with live gigs and goings-on for local Ninja N3rrdz so I suppose I should be apologetic about not posting on the Radio Ninja blog for almost a year but like... I was trying to center everything around facebook instead. This would be fine if EVERYONE JUST BEHAVED AND OBSESSED OVER FACEBOOK. The shift has meant every listener without a facebook account ends out completely in the dark and a weird email thread formed... ew. It was messy. It was just bad P.R. and as much as I try to ignore P.R. all together, it turns out I'm kind of accidentally a public figure.

I've got a few highlights from the past year and some really fun things that'll be happening in the near future... I should probably list them in reverse-chronology for the sake of good P.R.

So, there's this coming up...

My set will be a mix of electronic dance music genres designed to make you boogie in your Cat Woman cosplay. If you don't have Cat Woman cosplay, I would advise that you wear a lot of black, avoid blue jeans and leave the kids at home. ::gothface::

OK, next I should mention that its not too late to find something awesome this weekend in and around the Together Festival. Think of it kind of like a smaller, New England version of SXSW. Music, technology, movies, media, networking, fun, cocktails... there's even a (sold out, sorry) party boat out in Boston harbor tomorrow with a bunch of DJs, producers and even a band or two. RADIO NINJA had a hand in bringing the people "together" on Monday with witty banter and electronic music. Please check this episode out on mixcloud; I lol'd when I listened to it the next day...

Together Music Festival radio party on WMBR (feat. DJ Znuh, Carl Schmidt and L-Train) by Elle Train on Mixcloud

As for anyone who is curious about the goings-on this weekend in greater Boston, "" is an amazing resource. For the avid Radio Ninja fan, I recommend the "Gold Panda" show happening tonight at Brighton Music Hall. It'll be a head nodder. I love love loooove Gold Panda, though. Check out these happy beats from his latest EP! An equally Ninja-worthy head-nodding show is going on with Zomby headlining at the Middle East tonight in Cambridge. I would expect some interesting items at the merch table tonight since Zomby will be releasing a 33 track double LP next month (so carry cash). You really can't go wrong, tonight.

New Gold Panda:

New Zomby:

Thats the current events and some future ones too...
In the past year, I've been spinning at local dive bars where the punks want to dance to Ween and Blur. It's been a good run with that place but I'm kind of on to joining some friends at "Pulse", a weekly downtempo night in Harvard Square. Sip, chat, relax... and get home in time so you can wake up fresh for work on Wednesday morning. It is probably the most civilized electronic music weekly in all of greater Boston. I will definitely send a "ping" to the blog when I am scheduled to spin at Pulse again.
Here are some details about Pulse at the First Printer Restaurant (for non-facebook people).

Pulse - like Radio Ninja - is very Facebook-heavy on their promotional efforts as well. If you do have an interest in staying up to date on this weekly, it would be advantageous to "like" it here.

For those of you who participate in Soundcloud, I've uploaded the "Meaning of Life 2011", which is what I call my annual greatest hits episode to Soundcloud, where you can download the .mp3 and have it to keep and listen to on your iPod. Exciting stuff! Follow me at to see what I'm listening to at the moment and get updates about new downloadable mixes I produce. I still haven't uploaded the 2012 Meaning of life and that was an exceptional episode, so stay tuned, there.

Soundcloud does seem to have more hype than these days but mixcloud is more about informing the listening audience about what is being played and where they can PURCHASE it while also giving people something fun to stream from the internet while they're at work and wishing their co-workers didn't listen to KissFM (which makes me dry heave). The upside is that I can post and post and post for free and theres no limit to the amount that I can upload. Digital .mp3 files of these mixcloud mixes are available upon request. Just hit me a line at and I'd be happy to link you to a top secret download. You should specify which mix(es) you are interested in, in your email. If you haven't clicked on the mixcloud link I had earlier in this post, pick a mix to listen to, now and be sure to "follow" me for future mixcloud uploads (no facebook required).

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I'm sure you skipped over at least 75% of that post but it is surely chock full of information about how to stalk me on the internet and "irl" so have at it!

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