Thursday, September 30, 2010

The XXtravaganza will not be televised.

And, finally... ...the moment we've all been waiting for:

Ninja Tune's twentieth anniversary boxed set is set to release in a few short days. An advanced copy of the sampler came in through messenger pigeon!!

So, lots of the music we get at the radio station comes to us from record distributors that distribute from a variety of music labels. Some of these distributors put their own review on the CD case. For Ninja Tune's "XX" sampler, we get this:

"Twenty years! Twenty fu*king years!? That's a long time for anything, but for an independent record label its aeons. So yes, we are going to make a fuss. Yes, we are going to celebrate. But this will not be a tired cash-in a festival of re-tread or an orgy of old. NO! We are focusing on new material. new newness. In your hands is a sampler of carefully selected tracks from the 6 CD box set featuring music from Anti-pop Consortium, the Bug, Roots Manuva, Two Fingers, Spank Rock and more, as well as remixes from Diplo, Micachu, Four Tet, Flying Lotus, and more."

'nuff said.

Check out the d3tails about the box set at as well as tour dates for all the parties they're throwing down across the globe. I'm going to NYC for this one. With Amon Tobin headlining, its pretty likely that I'll be enjoying myself.

Hey, I found their little commercial for the boxed set on youtube:

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