Monday, August 30, 2010

Playlist for that show I covered for Magogo is here.

In the past, Magogo had "The Down Slow Show" which begat its more midtempo and upbeat "The Show Show", its current alias. I tried to pay reverence to the Down Slow Shows of the past and Show Shows of the present day. Aside from its cute name, it also has catchy beats which compliment the Radio Ninja style quite well. I'm on his call list for when he needs his show covered and vice / versa.

My cohost for this substitute team on the Show Show is none other than Tim Gilman, a new member of the WMBR team but not new to radio DJing, so he was able to get in some practice on our sound board and get hear his voice on the speakers. All in all, a good time. THANKS, TIM! Keep an ear out for his voice on the upcoming WMBR schedule, which should be out this coming September.

Listen to that special two hours of Radio Ninja / Show Show / Tim Gilman's debut on 'MBR HERE.


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