Friday, March 12, 2010

Late night with Radio Ninja:

Heyo, Ninja n3rds...
I'll be spinning musical media of various mediums tonight after you get out of the bar:


Tune in on the internet:

or on ye olde radio:

Thanks for listening!

Monday, March 8, 2010

Really fun show: Monday March 8, 10PM PLAYLIST and LINK for download.

I heard Rik needed a sub for "Last Dance at the Death Disco" and jumped on that right away. I'm really glad I did, because it turned out to be a really fun show. I started out with epic Amon Tobin cinematica, dug around on the internet for the latest releases and news in the Ninja Tune community, got a little funky with some old school ninja beats... I just had some fun with it.

Download the show here.

Here's your playlist, ya ninja n3rds:

I used Mr. Scruff's track "Ug" to talk over throughout the show. I found it on the Xen Cuts anthology put out on Ninja Tune.
[Ninja Tune / Amon Tobin / Foley Room / Bloodstone]
[Ninja Tune / Amon Tobin / "Freebie" album from / Manta Focus Rehab Boot]
[Ninja Tune / Bonobo / Black Sands / Black Sands Mini Mix]*
[Ninja Tune / Andreya Triana / Lost Where I Belong]*
[MUSH / the Opus / Breathing Lessons Promo EP / Isis]
[Ninja Tune / Bonobo / Zen Remix (comp.) / Pick Up (Fourtet Remix)]
[Ninja Tune / DJ Food / Kaleidoscope / the Riff]
[Tru Thoughts / Quantic Soul Orchestra / Pushin' On / Pushin' On (feat. Alice Russel)]
[Verve / Cal Tjader / Verve Remixed 2 (comp) / Soul Sauce (Filla Brazilla remix)]
[Ninja Tune / Amon Tobin / Permutation / Bridge]
[Quannum Projects / Lyrics Born / Same $#!@, Different Day / Do that there (the young Einstein hoo-hoo mix)]
[(independent release) / Pointer Sisters / P-Love's After School Special Mix / Pinball Number Count] (Yup, the one from Sesame Street in the 80's. Its re-release in 2003 is available here.)
[Big Dada / Spank Rock / Yoyoyoyoyo / Bump]
[Lex / Dan le Sac vs. Scroobius Pip / Thou Shalt Always Kill EP / Thou Shalt Always Kill]
[Definitive Jux / Aesop Rock / Fast Cars, Danger, Fire and Knives / Holy Smokes]
[Ninja Tune / Skalpel / 1956 Remix Album / Break In (Paradowski Rmx)]
[Red Ink / DJ Krush / Jaku / Still Island]
[MUSH / Daedelus / Rethinking the Weather / Chorus Verse Chorus]
[Ninja Tune / DJ Food / Jazz Breaks Vol. 4 / Mambo Jack]
[Warner Bros. / Devo / Q: Are We Not Men? A: We Are Devo! / (I can't get no) Satisfaction]
[Leaf/Bay / Navaurio Sauro, Si Begg / The Complete Death of Cool (comp) / Unknown Dialect]
[This release is a mystery. I found it here, on / Saint Jack / King of the School]
[One Little Indian / Bjork / Unicef Charity Record! Army of Me: remixes and covers / Army of Me (Bersarinplatz remix)]
[Ninja Tune / Amon Tobin / Out From Out Where / Searchers]

*These tracks available for free download online! See the blog posts about Bonobo or Andreya Triana for links to these.

New Ninja Tune artist, Andreya Triana :: Free Download


Introducing Andreya Triana - new signing to Ninja Tune
Her highly anticipated debut album 'Lost Where I Belong' (produced by Bonobo) will be released in August 2010, with a single of the same name being released on the 5th of April. The single includes an amazing Flying Lotus remix (FREE download link below).

Andreya's soulful vocals are already well known and loved from appearances on tracks such as 'Tea Leaf Dancers' by Flying Lotus, 'Hold On' by Mr Scruff, 'Chemistry' by Theo Parrish and 'The Keeper' by Bonobo.

--> Tune in 10PM tonight on 88.1FM WMBR, Cambridge.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Tomorrow Night, 10PM-Midnight.

Heyo, all:

I got some air time tomorrow night!
Tune in to at 10PM until midnight.
Monday night beats. Aww, yeah.

See you then!

Saturday, March 6, 2010

New Bonobo release is going to ROCK my WORLD.

There's an exclusive 11 minute free mix of the songs from Bonobo's new album here.

Bonobo's beats are organic and beautiful. He's done collaborations with such beatwizards as Amon Tobin and Four Tet. You probably want to click that link, now.

The dizzy:

Label: Ninja Tune
Artist: Bonobo
Album: Black Sands
Release Date: March 29

You heard it here first.

03/06/10 'Night Owl' Timeslot playlist and link

Sooo, I'm brand new to the station and willing babysitters are scarce at 3-5AM, I regretfully have two hours of FUZZ on the archives page under the Radio Ninja name. WMBR policy prohibits DJs to be at the helm of the transmitter without proper training. I can dig it. It just means the link to my radio show is in a confusingly different place. Time to subscribe to my blog so you don't miss anything!

Last night was my first show from midnight to 1AM. I got in some signature Ninja Tune beats as promised... Check it out. Stream it or save it in your itunes or other media player and listen later.

Sat Mar 06 12:00 am

Here's the lineup:

  • Label . Artist . Album . Track Title.
  • Fat Cat . Mum . Finally we are no one . We Have a Map of the Piano
  • Mush . Neotropic . White Rabbits . Magpies
  • Anticon . Jel . Soft Money . Sweet Cream in it
  • Ninja Tune . Kid Koala . Some of my Best Friends are DJs . Elevator Hopper
  • Ubiquity . Quantic . An Announcement to Answer . Bomb in a Trumpet Factory
  • Samplisitc . Idiom Creak . Jet Powered, Monkey Navigated . ZANUBA!
  • Alpha Pup . Blackbird . Bird's Eye View . Midnight Rider
  • Big Dada . Diplo . Florida . Big Lost
  • Mush . cLOUDEAD . Dead Dogs Two EP . Dead Dogs Two (Boards of Canada rmx)
  • Ninja Tune . Blockhead . Music by Cavelight . Triptych Pt. 1
  • Ninja Tune . Sixtoo . Chewing on Glass and Other Miracle Cures . Boxcutter Emporium Pt. 1
  • My Pal God . the YMD . Excuse Me, this is Yah Mos Def . Stockton to Malone
  • Def Jux . El-P . I'll Sleep When Your'e Dead . Tasmanian Pain Coaster
  • Ninja Tune . Jaga Jazzist . One Armed Band . One Armed Band
Thanks for listening!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Forthcoming Show:

Tune in live at 88.1 FM in Cambridge, MA, or at If you want to listen in your own time, I've got the last show or two archived online. Scroll down to "Radio Ninja" to find what you're looking for.

L-Train is my name and I'm happy to present my return to radio after a multi-year hiatus. While I have a lot of crate digging to do to get caught up with the latest releases for you, I'm going to give you the best of Radio Ninja past and present. I'd also like to add that I am not affiliated with the Ninja Tune, so the views presented on Radio Ninja do not reflect those of the Ninja Tune record label. Kapiche?

What to expect:
Lots of Ninja Tune (the show's namesake): Funki Porcini, Hextatic, Coldcut, Fog, Blockhead, Kid Koala, Sixtoo, Amon Tobin, DJ Food, Up Bustle and Out, Jaga Jazzist, Mr. Scruff and Skalpel will all be in the heavy rotation.

Other Labels:

Other similar labels that'll get a lot of usage will include Verve (especially their remixes of vintage jazz tunes). Lex is another common label for my show (midtempo acts like Boom Bip and some hip hop influences like DJ Signify). Mush has a lot of interesting acts that use low-fi crackliness and cut up sampling (Daedalus, cLOUDEAD, Odd Nosdam, Themselves, Doseone, the Opus). 18th St. Lounge, Thirsty Ear and Blue Note labels all have a lot of great trip hop/jazz/soul crossover material (El-P, Karminsky Experience, St. Germain, Herbert, Thievery Corporation, Thunderball). Some straight up underground hip hop labels play sister to Ninja Tune and I can dig Quannum Projects MC's because they are artful and tasteful and sometimes they are FCC compatible, which is nice (Lyrics Born, Lateef, Gift of Gab).

Other Artists:

Some stand out in my mind and on past playlists including DJ Spooky (turntablism), DJ Shadow(downtempo/cinematica), Bjork (icelandic mainstream), Plaid (midtempo beats... has done some collaborations with Bjork), Tosca (downtempo), Four Tet (electronic weirdness- nobody doesn't like 4tet.), Secret Frequency Crew (spooky cinematic beats), Squarepusher and Aphex Twin (drum and bass-ey beats), Air (ethereal french downtempo), Land of the Loops (mind numbing car commercial music), Lemon Jelly (the beats of nature) Diplo (half downtempo; half all over the place) and the heavily sampled heavily cut up tracks of Prefuse 73 on the Warp label.

Oh, and theres a tiny label called Samplistic out of UC Davis (well, they moved to San Fran in the past few years)... but I love everything they've put out. The guy that started it up calls himself "Idiom Creak" and he's kind of Amon Tobin-ey but he's totally original... which makes him more like Amon Tobin than just copying him.

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