Friday, April 9, 2010

Playlist: 04.10.10 Midnight to 1AM

I chose Dabrye's Additional Productions Vol. 1 album to talk over, since I love these bad ass beats on the Ghostly label but most of the instrumental hip hop tracks don't really go anywhere. There's no beginning and no end... just 7 minutes straight of unchanging bad ass beats.

Also, I'd like to apologize and disclaim that all of these tracks were found in the stacks at MIT's station. Would you believe that the music director responsible for all the urban/electro crossover stuff has been asleep at the wheel for about five years? Most of these releases came out back when I was a DJ in Vermont... FIVE YEARS AGO (or more). I'm probably going to take on some kind of Radio Ninja - subsubgenre music director role. Get some new releases up in heyah!

1. Dabrye / Keep Life Right (Instrumental) / Additional Productions Vol. 1/ Ghostly International
2. Lyrics Born / Do that there Remix (Young einstein Hoo-Hoo mix) / Same S$%#, Different Day / Quannum Projects
3. Buck 65 / 1957 / Situation / Strange Famous Records / 2007... this was filed in the "new" section, so I called it new on the air. ::hand to forehead::
4. Roots Manuva / Collossal Insight / Awfully Deep / Big Dada
5. Dabrye / Hyped-up plus tax (2002 live version) / Additional Productions Vol. 1. / Ghostly
6. Blockhead / The art of Walking / Downtown Science / Ninja Tune
7. Aesop Rock / Catacomb Kids / None Shall Pass / Def Jux
After playing one Aesop track, I really just want to have the rest of the show for playing tracks by this guy, but worry about show variety... maybe I'll play "Junkyard" next week, but I kept trying to find just the right time to play it. Its on a basketball video game soundtrack.
8. Dabrye / Monstertruck / Additional Productions Vol. 1 / Ghostly
9. Kid Beyond / Wandering Star / Amplivate / ??... I'll look into that label.
10. Lotek Hi-Fi / Under My Bed / Lotek Hi-Fi / Big Dada
11. Danger Doom / A.T.H.F. / the Mouse and the Mask / Epitaph
12. Souls of Mischeif / Spark (RJD2's water damage mix) / EP (from the Urban Renewal compilation) / Chocolate Industries
13. cLOUDEAD / Keen Teen Skip / Ten / Mush
14. Cut Chemist / the Garden / the Audience is Listening / Warner Bros.
15. Blue States / Diamente / Nothing Changes under the Sun / Eighteenth Street Lounge (ESL)
16. Nicodemus / Cleopatra in New York / Endangered Species / ESL

Tune in next time to hear more from my Aesop Rock fixation.

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