Thursday, June 26, 2014


Those of you tuning in from the internet, hear ye:
My guest tonight needs your FUNDS because those of you who HAVE THE NINJA LOVE know I also have EXCELLENT TASTE in ART (right?)

Tonight's episode or Radio Ninja will feature one of Boston's finest, biggest and brightest sculptor / maker / burner weirdos, Doug Ruuska in an effort to get the word out that WE NEED YOUR SUPPORT to MAKE IT HAPPEN!

Click here for the Kickstarter page!

Doug's a great guy.  Everything that he designs is typically overbuilt in a "tim the tool man taylor" kind of way.  Here he is in his shop, fixing a new toy with a Cosmic Praise team Structural/Welder specialist, Blake:

Right, so those of you who are not familiar with the whole Burning Man thing, get your head out of the playa dust! Basically, a bunch of DJs, makers, sculptors, performing artists, fabric artists, sound technicians, fashionistas and weirdos of a multitude of other formats (in short, some of the most creative individuals in the world) take planes, trains, bicycles, automobiles and busses to get to the middle of nowhere in Nevada for one week every August to set up a temporary city called "Black Rock City".

Boston has a surprisingly strong representation of weirdos- go figure.

Doug's projects through the years at Burning Man have a well-earned rapport of success!  Stuff like "Go Fly A Bike" and "Avocamentum Galactica" are well known among the Boston "Burner" community.

So, this year, he pitched his "Cosmic Praise" concept to the organization of Burning Man in the form of a grant proposal to cover HALF the costs of this project.  When he got his acceptance response, they wanted to know if he was interested in placing this project right at CENTER CAMP!

To a Burner, that means the 6 o'clock keyhole!  "6 and esplanade!"
(To a non-burner Bostonian, that's kind of like putting it at South Station!!)

It's a massive honor!...but now we have to put a lot more structure into this tower.  It'll be heavier than we anticipated and inevitably, it will cost more than the original quote to the Burning Man organization.

Please check out or Kickstarter video and SUPPORT COSMIC PRAISE so we can BRING BIG BOSTON ART TO THE PLAYA!

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