Thursday, April 10, 2014

I will TRUST you!

Hey Ninjas!

Surprise!  I have another ticket give away in store for you, this weekend.

TRUST will be gracing Boston with melancholy, brooding synthpop TOMORROW NIGHT at GREAT SCOTT in ALLSTON!

Robert Alfons' brooding, gritty (and so goth) voice. You might remember it from the hit on his first album "TRST"

Here's the advantage to those of you nerdy enough to read the blog:
If you hear me play Bulbform, call in and win a pair of tickets to tomorrow's show!

This is what you're listening for:

I'll wait to tell the rest of the listening audience about the ticket giveaway until after Bulbform is over.

I will say this about tomorrow's show:
The new release, Joyland, is ONE SICK ALBUM.
Wear your shiny boots and all the PVC Lip Service you own.

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