Thursday, May 19, 2011

An Hour of 2011 favorites and Austra tickets, tonight

Hey, I'm not going to be able to fit them all into one hour, so I thought I'd list for you some of my personal picks for newly released tracks this year so far:

They're in order of when they popped into my mind:

- Shigeto - Look at all the Smiling Faces
- Mr. Scruff - Wobble Control
- James Blake - Limit to your love
- Bibio - Mind Bookeh
- Amon Tobin - Lost and Found, Jorneyman... and absolutely everything he's ever released. ever. <3<3
- Eskmo's remix of Glitch Mob's "Fistfull of Silence"
- Slugabed's remix of Eskmo's "Moving Glowstream"
- UNKLE - Money and Run
- Austra- Beat and the Pulse
- Slugabed - My sense of smell comes and goes
- Pariah - Detroit Falls
- Sub Swara - Schemes, In Ether
- Seefeel... that album was good.
- Take's remix album, particularly Elliot Lipp's version of "Paper Garden"
- Big Pauper - Bread and Puppet
- Prefuse 73 - Valentine's Day Failure, the only track I like on that album.
- Gold Panda - EVERYTHING on his "Companion" release, but particularly "Fifth Ave"
- Daedelus - Slowercase D
- We are Enfant Terrible - Sick Crooner
- Emika - Count Backwards, or Drop The Other (Daedelus Fragments into a thousand little pieces remix)
- Stateless - Ariel
- DELS - Capsize
- Raw Milk - Itchy Nose, This Paranoid Inferno
- Dorian Concept - Her Tears Taste Like Pears
- Lorn: many tracks on their album... "Silence", "None and Island" and "Glass and Silver" stand out.
- Grasscut - The Door in the Wall (Bibio Remix)
- Antonionian - Vanquished
- Starfucker - Julius

So, tune in tonight at 7 to hear who makes second cut for airtime, tonight and also to win TICKETS to the AUSTRA show next Wednesday.


7PM: Radio Ninja greatest hits of 2011 (so far) (
10PM: DJ set at the Joshua Tree. MUSIC, CHOONS, BEATS, 1's, 2's, youze.

Next week, the schedule changes at WMBR on account of all the schoolies getting their finals on and moving on to their fun summer jobs and internships. To celebrate, I'll be spinning my favorite new releases of the semester.

A bit later, I'll be out at Davis Square spinning \m/BROJAMS\m/ for the Tufts crowd, the Davis scene and that kickball team that keeps coming in from the rain.

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