Thursday, June 25, 2015

How to download Firmware:

DJ Firmware on WMBR, that is!
Ok, we're bending science here, bringing you intangible bits and beats from radioland.

I had a super fun time co-hosting with DJ Firmware on his tune-selekting debut right here on Radio Ninja.

Download it with a right click or ctrl-click
or just stream it by click'n

Here's that Tycho show we mention at sunrise during Burning Man last year:


Thursday, April 2, 2015

Got time for a quickie?

Just one hour this week; I better make it count!


Did you miss it?
Check out the archive files of the previous two weeks ANYTIME by heading to and clicking on "Archives". Radio Ninja will be there for you <3

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Welcome to the Boston underground...

Hey NINJA party people,

Have you ever walked onto a subway platform and become so transfixed on the random live music acts?  Sure, the talent can be hit or miss sometimes but this guy made me wish I had time to catch the next train:

I've never seen live Ableton square pushing in the context of the subway platform and it sounded like some gorgeous cinematic / glitchy goodness so I dropped him the "Radio Ninja" card and snuck onto the train at the last second!  Last week, I mentioned this on-air and dropped the name and I guess he was listening - especially since I sent him the link ;) - because he's joining us in the station for more live production tonight on WMBR from 6-8PM! Cool!

I really wanted to get him on Radio Ninja ASAP because just after a few pings back and fourth, it came to light that today just happens to be his birthday AND the last day of his indiegogo campaign, designed to upgrade the sound system he uses to bring the music to the people which just hit it's goal a few hours ago.  Congrats, SWDJ, what a great birthday present!! :D :D

Here's his schpeil... we'll be sure to touch on why and how you should continue to support his art:

Join us tonight and every Thursday night for your rush hour pleasure by tuning your transmitter to 88.1 FM dial in greater Boston and WMBR.ORG, everywhere there is internet!

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Hour of Power, going on now till 7...

Hey, I only have aural dominance for an hour tonight so I'm MAKING IT COUNT!

Just found this li'l gem called "Revolution 10" from Larytta of Creaked Records and I think it's a rollicking good time.

Topics tonight will include but are not limited to: some live production I heard in the subway this week, what happened on Radio Ninja in 2004 and Amon Tobin's new EP coming out soon.

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Welcome to Winter in the City

Hey gang,

Those of you who are local are probably wondering where the ground went.  The greater Boston area this winter is experiencing record snow falls - some places are in excess of 100" (over 2.5m)!  Boston infrastructure and public transit systems are simply not designed for this which is why so much of the social media around these parts are complaining loudly about snow removal and public transit fails.

I'd like to take this opportunity to look towards places like Jackson Wyoming or British Columbia to demonstrate fresh ideas for getting around.

Here's how JP Auclair did it, featured in the film "All.I.Can" which features a full soundtrack of many wintery Radio Ninja-worthy tracks like this one from LCD Soundsystem:

Find more aural inspiration for your winter soundtrack!  Tune in tomorrow for an hour long episode spotlighting some of my favorite gorgeous tracks from ski and snowboard movies.  This youtube playlist is a compilation of tracks from the All.I.Can soundtrack:

Basically any production that combines Amon Tobin with skiing will grab my attention and shake it like a baby.

Yours truly,


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