Wednesday, May 19, 2010

WMBR schedule change and extra AIRTIME, TONIGHT!

Hey, all!

Radio Ninja will be on air tonight during the "Breakbeat Axiom" time slot from 10PM - Midnight. Catch it at 88.1 MHz on your FM frequency or at


WMBR has officially changed its schedule as it does three times a year due to college semester schedules and stuff like that...

Radio Ninja got a major boost on the hierarchical scheme (because I help out so much and I'm also very cute). Now, I'll be on for one hour, Saturday afternoons! Listen while your laundry is drying, your driving to your day hike or you're just waking up from your Friday night insanity!

Radio Ninja
88.1 FM
Saturdays 1PM - 2PM

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  1. Add to that:
    I just dug up that link for you that may have missed this episode...

    dl that isht:


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