Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Bad at Trainwreck: Local Tastemaker "$0$0 Gutter" Visits Tomorrow @Ninja HQ!

Coming up tomorrow, I've got a guest DJ lined up - $0$0 Gutter is joining us from deep in the Boston underground of sound selection. $0$0 (pronounced like "So-so"... I think) is quite possibly the most elusive introverted music nerd of the whole scene like one of those antisocial geniuses with lots of talent but very little ability to share with anyone. Actually, we had a chat and it seems like he might not want to use the microphone (like at all lol). That's cool; just know he's there and he's bringing his encyclopedic knowledge of whatever it is he plays.

$0$0's creative copy regarding the combination of our genre choices earlier today on the Radio Ninja facebook page:

Subscribe to "TMIF" (This Music Is Free), for fuck's sake!
This is the only weekly schooling on free newly released So-so-spin-worthy weirdness you will ever need. $0$0 does your homework for you.

Bonobo is Modern Soft Rock?
I should probably mention here that he indeed has encyclopedic knowledge of some pretty out there sounds. Through the years, Radio Ninja - while it's been great weekly therapy for me on a deep personal level - has gotten a little 'soft' in the way that a 15 year radio program might trend towards. Seriously though, I've thought about this. Bonobo (one of my middle C producers on the show) is unquestionably what soft rock fans of the 70s and 80s would tune into if they were into modern electronic music. It's easy-going palatability is perfect for a small dinner party AMIRITE? It goes down so smooth

(^^ actual background image on my phone, btw.)
These guys belong in a brotherhood of smooth jams or I'm going loco.

I was laughing about how palatable Radio Ninja has gotten in recent years and challenged $0$0 to expand our horizons... which is easy for the guy that devours the world wide web of new music each week to selekt for us spin worthy new releases that are free...which is impressive because the search parameters all require that the selektions are free.  Here's that link to $0$0's blog in case you missed it the first time.

Outro words:
$0$0 is good at computer art. Check it out here!

He makes some dope stylez, too. Buy his $hit!

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