Friday, January 7, 2011

Two UNREAL shows on the archives, right now.

Check out's archives for two of my favorite shows to date:

1. The New Year's Eve episode came in two parts.
Side a: Greatest hits of Radio Ninja in years past (since about 2003).
Side b: Greatest hits of Radio Ninja releases from 2010... complete with TONS of commentary on the Track Blaster website.
Listen in here.
Check out the playlist and copious notes here.
...but HURRY! That archives link is only active for one more week.

2. The "Wintery Mix" episode, inspired by tonight's weather. Its cold, dark and introverted. There are many artists on here that I haven't played on Radio Ninja for a loooong time. This one took some crate digging.
Listen in here.
Check out the playlist here.

Beautiful sights and sounds that wouldn't make sense on the radio:

Icarus and the Tree Herder, ladies and gents. I dug this up for your viewing pleasure to help keep you busy while you wait for tonight's broadcast of Radio Ninja!!

I woke up to the gorgeous sounds of Lamb's "Between Darkness and Wonder", today and it really struck a chord with me. I think starting with the post-Chopin track "Angelica" would be appropriate.

Tune in tonight at 8PM online at or at 88.1MHz in the Boston area. Start your weekend off with some chill beatz.

Much love,


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