Thursday, May 15, 2014

"Fox" of the Elements DJs on Radio Ninja tonight, yammerin' about skiing, Together, Noisia and the Upbeats!

It's that time of year, again.  Together Festival is in full swing and this year, we've got lots to see and do and learn about.  If you're into electronic music and from Massachusetts but you've never heard of the Together Festival, its time to get your head out of the sand!  One glorious week of the year, our city gets inundated with a treasure trove of up-and-coming to greatly successful electronic music acts.  This all pairs really well with hundreds of other events like VJ or Remixing competitions and educational panels to teach you how to DJ, produce your own beats, check out the latest upgrades in MIDI controllers and sound-related software.  (Think of it as kind of a small-scale SXSW, specifically for electronic music.)

Here's Together Festival's schedule - DON'T SLEEP!

That being said, I'm bringing in a taste of what's left to come this week in Together music history... DJ Fox, local Drum and Bass master artisan and resident DJ for Elements, Boston's premiere Drum and Bass weekly dance night (for more than 15 years)!

Fox has a busy week because not only is he stopping in for some ninja banter on Radio Ninja, but he's also heading to the Phoenix Landing tonight for the UPBEATS show.  They're really chummy with the elements croo in a chosen-family kind of way so come out for the kickass beats and stay for the club-like atmosphere because that's how we do, down at Phoenix Landing (in Cambridge).

Next on the schedule, we have Fox and Lenore (also of Elements) opening tomorrow night for - wait for it - NOISIA! Holy sheeeeeet, I've been a fan of Noisia since that one side project they did that one time with Amon Tobin (my one true love).  When I heard from Fox that he was opening for Noisia, I got super psyched for him.  I'll link you to the ticket purchasing page to make it easy on you... this might just sell out, friends.


Noisia is right at home on a video game soundtrack the just released...

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