Thursday, May 1, 2014

μ-Ziq + Lara Rix-Martin = Heterotic.

Hey, remember ten years ago when weirdo avant-garde electronic music had a lot of jazz and drum and bass in it? 

How to lose your live radio audience in 7 minutes or less:

Those were the days :D  If you listened to Squarepusher and Aphex Twin back in the day, chances are you remember μ-Ziq's headdy glitch-before-glitch-existed album "Brace Yourself" from the late 90's.

Put that cassingle on FFWD to present day, where he has joined his wife Lara Rix-Martin to form the modern day duo "Heterotic", which has just released an aptly named "Weird Drift"

Look, I found the Soundcloud page for the ENTIRE streamable album (because I love you):

Tune in TONIGHT from 6 - 7PM
88.1FM in the Boston area, everywhere there is internet!



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