Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Welcome to Winter in the City

Hey gang,

Those of you who are local are probably wondering where the ground went.  The greater Boston area this winter is experiencing record snow falls - some places are in excess of 100" (over 2.5m)!  Boston infrastructure and public transit systems are simply not designed for this which is why so much of the social media around these parts are complaining loudly about snow removal and public transit fails.

I'd like to take this opportunity to look towards places like Jackson Wyoming or British Columbia to demonstrate fresh ideas for getting around.

Here's how JP Auclair did it, featured in the film "All.I.Can" which features a full soundtrack of many wintery Radio Ninja-worthy tracks like this one from LCD Soundsystem:

Find more aural inspiration for your winter soundtrack!  Tune in tomorrow for an hour long episode spotlighting some of my favorite gorgeous tracks from ski and snowboard movies.  This youtube playlist is a compilation of tracks from the All.I.Can soundtrack:

Basically any production that combines Amon Tobin with skiing will grab my attention and shake it like a baby.

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