Thursday, May 19, 2011

An Hour of 2011 favorites and Austra tickets, tonight

Hey, I'm not going to be able to fit them all into one hour, so I thought I'd list for you some of my personal picks for newly released tracks this year so far:

They're in order of when they popped into my mind:

- Shigeto - Look at all the Smiling Faces
- Mr. Scruff - Wobble Control
- James Blake - Limit to your love
- Bibio - Mind Bookeh
- Amon Tobin - Lost and Found, Jorneyman... and absolutely everything he's ever released. ever. <3<3
- Eskmo's remix of Glitch Mob's "Fistfull of Silence"
- Slugabed's remix of Eskmo's "Moving Glowstream"
- UNKLE - Money and Run
- Austra- Beat and the Pulse
- Slugabed - My sense of smell comes and goes
- Pariah - Detroit Falls
- Sub Swara - Schemes, In Ether
- Seefeel... that album was good.
- Take's remix album, particularly Elliot Lipp's version of "Paper Garden"
- Big Pauper - Bread and Puppet
- Prefuse 73 - Valentine's Day Failure, the only track I like on that album.
- Gold Panda - EVERYTHING on his "Companion" release, but particularly "Fifth Ave"
- Daedelus - Slowercase D
- We are Enfant Terrible - Sick Crooner
- Emika - Count Backwards, or Drop The Other (Daedelus Fragments into a thousand little pieces remix)
- Stateless - Ariel
- DELS - Capsize
- Raw Milk - Itchy Nose, This Paranoid Inferno
- Dorian Concept - Her Tears Taste Like Pears
- Lorn: many tracks on their album... "Silence", "None and Island" and "Glass and Silver" stand out.
- Grasscut - The Door in the Wall (Bibio Remix)
- Antonionian - Vanquished
- Starfucker - Julius

So, tune in tonight at 7 to hear who makes second cut for airtime, tonight and also to win TICKETS to the AUSTRA show next Wednesday.

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